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The business of Dynagrow is divided into three business verticals.
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Imports & Distribution
  • We act as marketing associates of several reputed MNCs.

  • We handle new Product Development by customizing the unmet needs of customers.

  • Offer preliminary technical support.

  • Handle troubleshooting at the customer’s end by coordinating with R & D teams of the supplier and customers.

  • We have a strong sales team, all India presence, and a multi-location warehousing setup.

  • We focus on long-term, strategic & systematic market development rather than “deals”.

  • We keep a close watch on market development and competition and make aware of the same to the principals on a periodic basis.

  • We use multiple transaction models – Long term contacts, Indenting, High Sea Sales, and Ex Stock distribution.

  • We have established customer relationships with over 500 leading Indian Companies.

  • We are proudly associated with a large number of global corporate, for sourcing and vendor development in India.

  • Our services include sourcing specialized products and industrial raw materials from India and developing new products synergistic to existing activities driving cost competencies in the process.

  • We develop a quality and cost-effective vendor base in India for the various purchase requirements of MNCs.

  • Presently this group is active in the areas of bulk chemicals, specialty chemicals, polymers, renewal energy components, and auto ancillary industry.

  • We also offer our services for developing quality and cost-effective long-term Global Sourcing arrangements for SMEs in India.

  • We also enter into manufacturing outsourcing agreements wherever required.

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Export Development
  • Offering our services & expertise for developing the export market by acting as an exporting arm for Indian SMEs.

  • We act as marketing associates of several reputed Indian MNCs as well.

  • We provide complete end-to-end solutions including Market Research, Customer Identification, Technical Support, and Commercial Negotiations.

  • We identify new business segments which were untapped so far.


Our strong network of business partners, knowledge-based execution, understanding of markets & expertise to combine business and investment banking knowledge have helped us to provide value-added services to all our partners as well as clients.

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