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Company Overview

We are a prominent player in Import & distribution into India, Sourcing from India and Exports for companies who want to grow their business in/with India.

DEPL has stayed strong in quality and service in the dynamic marketplace through its large-scale import and distribution of Raw materials / Chemicals. Its renowned distribution network covers operations across  the world.

DEPL guarantees responsible and quality sourcing of products through direct imports from its partner companies, along with the combination of well-trained staff,  and updated logicstics system.
Dynagrow (DEPL ) is an importer and distributor of chemical raw materials for the

Construction Chemicals, Water Proofing, Paints, Inks, Innovative Food Nutrition, Solar Parts Energy Manufacturing Parts, Industrial Chemicals sectors, Coatings & Adhesives (PICA). ). It is sourcing partner for global companies who are looking at quality and cost effective vendor base in India.

Growth Dimensions for Dynagrow Enterprises
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Point-to-Point Coverage of

We can help you source thousands of products using our huge global and domestic sourcing network.


Best-in-Class Infrastructure

We have laid a firm footprint in the distribution/ supply chain industry by building a robust infrastructure.

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Wide Customer & Supplier 


We have a large number of customers & several partners with whom we seamlessly do business with a long established relationship.


Large Product Portfolio

We deal with a wide range of products serving multiple industry segments.


Global Existance

We are expanding & we are working to have our presence felt across the globe.


Focus on Sustainability

For us safety, security and the protection of the environment & people are our crucial goals.

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We have 10+ years of experience to give you better results.
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